Can You Learn From Friends?

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As kids we develop friendships which we vowed no matter what, we will be friends to the end. We had been sincere in the very idea and Indian Harbour Beach Bat Removal thought of the pack.

However, life starts to happen, and other things begin to happen at the same time. When you’re children all is wonderful, colorful, and free. We see the bluest sky and the greenest trees. Our friend is right regardless of what they say or do, and we just admire how they could tell a lie and make it seem so correct. Innocence has been lost and almost forgotten. Though we try to keep things as light-hearted as possible; life is uncomfortably white and black most of the time. The colors are meshed into an unrecognizable color that we can’t readily name; so we find ourselves spontaneously creating a title that appears to fit.

No one wants to state that this isn’t right, or this is wrong, or even question anymore”WHY”? Nooooooooo, we just mindlessly and”purposely” get-in-to-fit-in and in some arenas this apparently is the only way to get the desired end goal of us all. But this compromise puts us at of danger of being just another face, another number, another… just the same old “here’s another one’.

Do not get-in-to-fit-in, dare to be different, even if “distinct” to the current standards is not popular. I can be me, you can be you, we can be us, and they, can be them; and everyone can accept”who each one is”, but not necessarily “what” we all may do. That is an individual choice, and personal conviction of whatever”that” is that we, they can perform. If you do not like”what I do”, just’don’t participate’, if I do not like what you do… I just’don’t participate’.

My end is mine alone, and I am very confident about my end. Your end is your end, and I hope you’re as certain of your end. My end is”eternal” bliss, for I have experienced a small glimpse of the bliss on this sided of measured time. I also have undergone”a glimpse of and been affected by unrest, unfaithfulness, unloved, unforgiveness, pain, sorrow, confusion, despair, illness, hopelessness, and boy have I seen my share of death; however, the promise of”eternal bliss” has overshadowed my heart, soul, soul, and mind, til my sole outlook is”inner peace”, and”unfiltered joy”.

Some of my childhood friends are no longer hear on this earth, a number of them have gone beyond this world. None of them have come back to tell me where they are, but, for some I already know, because they made it quite clear while they were still living; where their eternity are. This I am assured of and this it is possible to ponder… #if you my friends went to heaven, they don’t want to leave; and if their eternity is in hell… #they can not depart.

I leave you with this… If your friend(s) say to you that they’ve found inner peace, unspeakable joy, and life is good, though they could be financially struggling; and you on the other hand have $$$, but you’re miserable, no inner peace, and you find yourself envying your friend(s)… DON’T! Ask them… how is it you can be broke, alone, and at peace… they may just tell you…”I’ve unspeakable joy”; I can’t describe but it’s something which has helped me, and me it’s surely sustained.

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