Summer Camp for Adults

When someone mentions summer camps, the first thing you probably think is that it’s the typical thing for kids. But summer camps are now also for adults. Before, parents drop off their kids at a summer camp and go to their own holidays or simply return to work without worrying about keeping their children occupied during their long summer holidays. Now summer camps are the current trend for adults who don’t need to do the conventional thing like lying on the beach. There are various kinds of summer camps for adults, which range from all kinds of activities like kayaking, rock climbing, skiing, etc. to more thoughts stimulating activities like attending lectures by famous persons, writing workshops, and meditating. These summer camps offer programs which are extremely flexible fulfilling the numerous needs of different adults. Some programs are for one to three weeks, while other programs can be achieved in a single moment. The price is also changeable: the longer you would like to be in a schedule, the greater the cost will be.

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At the Aspen Institute, a summer camp for adults only invites the participants to attend its ‘Aspen Ideas Festival’ consisting of lectures by famous people like Madeleine Albright, Alan Greenspan, Wildlife removal near me, Sydney Pollack, etc.. Participants in this camp for adults are not only sitting and listening to a lecture, but are encouraged to participate actively by asking questions and invite the speaker and other participants to exchange ideas. The Aspen Institute’s director of public programs, Kitty Boone, provides the following reason for this summer camp for adults: “We are in a nanobyte world. People need the opportunity to speak in-dept.”

Another example is the Warren Wilson College Archeology Field School, near Morganton, N.C., which provides a summer camp for adults which is definitely unorthodox: excavating at a 12-acre site thought to be the site of a native American village. A more intriguing fact of this site is that it is also the location of a Spanish fort built in 1567. This camp for adults requires Lots of physical actions unlike the one offered by the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference in Ripton, Vermont. When you love writing, attending this seminar will give you the chance to either learn writing or speak to a broker about publishing your manuscript which might become the next Great American Novel. The conference is generally offered in August and lasts for 11 days. This camp for adults includes workshops in fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Participants can either attend workshops in groups of ten or separately discuss the workshop’s content with faculty members.

For those who are searching for ‘enlightenment’, adults’ camp is also offered by the Miraval Resort, Catalina, Arizona. This adult’s camp is all about yoga, meditation, hot stone massage, and detoxifying seaweed body wrap. What is the principal objective of this camp for adults? The aims will be to give its participants the opportunity to reconnect with themselves after spending the last 20 years bringing up kids or on their careers or both. This summer camp for adults is not cheap: $5000 for a week including meals and some activities.

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